Angelus NoirEdit

Dates Unkown. Disbanded.

Angelus Noir (Angelus - Angel and Noir - Back/Dark) This can be translated into Angel Dark/Black or Black/Dark Angel, was a growing Goth/Industrial Metal band. It's eary members consisted of Aaron Brown (Bass) and Benjamin Lance Murrell (Guitar), from where they met at Penrith TAFE studying Buisness Management. Later joined by Troy (Surname). Troy had taken the role of vocalist seriously and often wrote lyrics for every occasion, opting for a creative role in seeking compositions from the other members. These included asking for a song that was 'purple' or a sea storm broken by shades of flourescent green.

Later they were joined by Byron Carceller on percussions and Mitch (Surname) as the second guitarist, and after some deliberation a 2nd vocalist was brought in for a lower gruffier screaming vocalist.

They performed small gigs at pubs and clubs and after some time were offered to open for the 'Albion's Hotel' Metal night. This oppurtunity soon saw Angelus Noir rise in popularity with their websites gaining nearly 1000 hits a week. The concert which brought in fire marshalls to help maintain the over-crowding grew to levels which forced people to be kicked out, with tables being broken and signs being smashed. Not long after the Albion Hotel ceased their 'Metal Nights' untill some years later, and that day was later recorded into the 'Drum Magazine'.

Angelus Noir members soon fell into disagreements ending up with Aaron Brown and Benjamin Lance Murrell leaving.

Angelus Noir continued for some time afterwards, refreshing their line-up with a cariety of skilled musicians but they eventually fell into the Disbanded bands list.

(Disclaimer; This page was made by one member and is inevitably biased, please if another member can continue this page, especially after the two members left, then do it.)


Benjamin Lance Murrell''' - Guitar

Aaron Brown - Bass

Troy (Surname) - Vocalist

Byron Carceller - Percussion

Mitch (Surname) - Guitar

Hoppa - Vocalist