A.k.a. Sparky, (Commonly used when in assosciation as a musician). Murrell, (Normally used by most closest friends stemming from Primary School into High School). Ben, (A preffered shorten name opposed to the lengthened birth name, Benjamin).

Ben - small
Benjamin Lance Murrell


Sparky / Murrell


Penrith, NSW. Australia


Bachelor of Music

Instruments playable;

Guitar, Bass, Violin, Percussion

Current Band/Group;

Nano Crisis, Assorted groups.

Author of Australian Music WikiEdit

Benjamin, although preffered shorten to 'Ben' (and later adopted the nickname 'Sparky') was born on April 04, 1986 in Australia, NSW, Penrith. Here he currently resides as of September, 2012.

Ben's backlog of music has been a relatively private affair, consisting solely of original works, both his own and collaborated, spanning across a timeline interwoven with underground, now defunct bands.


Although Ben had held a guitar a year prior to forming Red Knight, he had no training or exeptional skill. It wasn't until later he had earned years of experience that he felt capable to apply for the University of Western Sydney. Here he applied himself to a 3 years Bachelor Diploma in Music, failing one unit in Composition, but retaking it later and passing. Here Ben found himself at home with a contemporary view on music and research. He excelled at technology and digital music, creating software which is still used today by peers, looking at learning advanced uses of MAX/Msp<Link leads to the youtube video of my page, 09/2012>


Red KnightEdit

2002 - 2004 (Approx.)' Disbanded.

Red Knight was a classic rock, funk, jazz trio from Western Sydney area. Their performances were small and public, usually opting for portable acousitc versions of their respected instruments, often busking for free illegally.

Red Knight was formed with Nathan Beard and Stephen Alders during a senior performance at Kingswood High School. Ben was at the time known to be able to play guitar (with an unknown skill level) leading Nathan to ask for Bens assistance with their performance. At this stage Stephen was vocalist and Nathan was guitarist. An hour before the performance, Ben had taken the guitarist role, and Nathan had taken Percussion when, to their delight they had mastered their first live performance of 'Living End - Prisoner of Society" to an audience of approximately 250-300.


Benjamin Lance Murrell - Guitar

Nathan Beard - Percussion / Guitar

Stephen Alders''''' - Bass / Vocals'

Angelus NoirEdit

Dates Unkown. Disbanded.

Angelus Noir (Black Angel), was a growing Goth/Industrial Metal band. It's eary members consisted of Aaron Brown (Bass) and Ben Murrell (Guitar), from where they met at Penrith TAFE studying Buisness Management. Later joined by Troy (Surname). Troy had taken the role of vocalist seriously and often wrote lyrics for every occasion, opting for a creative roles in seeking compositions from Ben/Aaron. These included asking for a song that was 'purple' or a sea storm broken by shades of flourescent green.

Later they were joined by Byron Carceller percussions and Mitch (Surname) second guitarist, and after some deliberation a 2nd vocalist was brought in for a lower gruffier screaming vocalist.

They performed small gigs at pubs and clubs and after some time were offered to open for the 'Albion's Hotel' Metal night. This oppurtunity soon saw Angelus Noir rise in popularity with their websites gaining nearly 1000 hits a week. The concert which brought in fire marshalls to help maintain the over-crowding grew to levels which forced people to be kicked out, with tables being broken and signs being smashed. Not long after the Albion Hotel ceased their 'Metal Nights' untill some years later, and that day was later recorded into the 'Drum Magazine'.

Angelus Noir members soon fell into disagreements and ended. Aaron Brown did move on as with Ben Murrell.


Benjamin Lance Murrell''' - Guitar

Aaron Brown - Bass

Troy (Surname) - Vocalist

Byron Carceller - Percussion

Mitch (Surname) - Guitar

Hoppa - Vocalist


Tensions AriseEdit

Chasing Black SparksEdit

Solo / OriginalEdit

Bens solo work stemms over his entire history of his musical life. Since the earliest tappings of pick on steel, Ben has attempted to record in some form or another, each composition, riff, chord that he has played. His earliest original works are recorded as MIDI data and are stored on multiple back-up portable HDD's, along with his comprehensive modern database from Sheet Music to raw 'WAV' files.

In 2003, Ben created an account with, a popular creative user based online community. It has birthed popular memes such as 'Numa-Numa' and 'Nyan Cat'. It wasn't untill 2009 however that Ben uploaded his first audio submission.

It is apparent that most songs uploaded to his account (Copy-23) are intended as teasers and behind-the-scenes previews, many song stating 'WIP' or Work-in-Progress.

By the end of 2011 Ben had started forming a Solo artist brand called 'Nano Crisis' where he could start releasing his solo works into a noticable, searchable 'artist'. Late 2011-2012 can be considered Bens 'Nano Crisis' era.

Ben can also be found on Youtube with his account, MrSparkyson. His videos include music AMV's to original songs under 'Nano Crisis'. Also Ben has uploaded two other 'live' footage perfomances as Nano Crisis, each reflecting two different genres. The rest of his music videos are of various images as a slideshow, supposedly to focus on the Audio.

Back-Catalogue and Free AudioEdit

Entire Solo Back Catalogue can be found here.