Red KnightEdit

Band - Disbanded

Red Knight was concieved around 2002 and lasted into 2004. Its inception was brought up during a failing High School Performance at Kingswood High School, NSW, Australia. During this performance half of the members walked off stage never to return to music again, where two members remained to try and salvage the show.

First ShowEdit

Stephen Alders <No longer a musican> did vocals and Nathan Beard <Also no longer a musican> was playing Guitar. The song they played is also unknown. During their break, they sought the only other guitarist they knew of at the high school and eventually found Benjamin Lance Murrell. After some deliberation they concluded on performing a new song by Living End, Prisoner of Society, with a small alteration to the line-up. Nathan then moved to percussion, later taking up guitar in the following year, and stephen took up the bass, whilst still being the vocalist. They managed to practice it within an hour and performed it to approximately 250-300 strong audience. This was the first time all three of them ever performed to a live audience.

After the success from the performance it was then agreed Benjamin Lance Murrell would join Nathan Bear and Stephen Alders into forming the band Red Knight.


Over these years, the trio spent most of their time composing, both musically illeterate scribbles and 'Guitar Pro' files. They utilized technology at the age to help understand music as each of the trio lacked any training in music what-so-ever. Over time they began forming their unique sound, blend of classic rock, funk, jazz, metal and punk. Their titles each gained little recognition with local audiences. Eventually 'Red Knight' moved onto busking for free at local shops, inside super markets and a various collection of other venues. Although this did nothing for their already non-existant reputation, it was however the learning curve each member used to decide on their next step after high school.

After their High School Education was completed, the trio tried to continue practice/rehersals and playing, but eventually their choices no longer prioritzed their hobby which inevitably disbanded the band. Both Nathan and Stephen never continued a musical career where Benjamin Lance Murrell took those early experiences and moved onwards.


Benjamin Lance Murrell - GuitarEdit

Stephen Alders - Vox / BassEdit

Nathan Beard - Percussion / GuitarEdit